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The most effective way to Pivot your life: Change your job, look, location, friends, and how you see yourself.

Choose the life you're meant to live!

  • Wonderful Work

    Get paid what you're actually worth! Step-by-step guide to getting paid more for the same amount of work or switching jobs that pay more and you don't hate going to work everyday!

  • Out of the fishbowl

    Move to a new country without risk. See the world, make new friends, expand your universe, and experience what a fresh start can do for you! (Complete Gameplan)

  • You 2.0

    No more feeling stuck, underappreciated, and that life isn't supposed to be like this. Allow us to help build the new you in the next 6 months, one block at a time!

You choose if you want to live life with regret or see it as an adventure!

Real progress. No Bullshit!

Your life will change by choice or by necessity. Let's do this!

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds
  • Reinvent the most important aspects of your life one at a time.

  • The smart and effective way to change careers where you earn more and actually enjoy what you do

  • A risk-free approach to moving to a new country, feeling that you belong and thriving.

  • Get a Holywood look through a framework that gives you control over how people see and treat you.

  • Time tested real-life prompts on exactly what to say to get what you want every time.

  • Wake up excited about the life you get to live!

When staying the same just isn't enough!

Every year, 92% of people hope for change, a chance to break free from the life they're stuck into.

At Alux, we made it our mission to break down life and figure out what makes it tick and after decades of doing it for our own benefit, we've found the patterns that give you the highest likelihood of success.

Based exclusively on real life experience!

You've had this feeling for a while know that you can't simply shake off. There must be more to life than this right?! Deep down you have this thirst for adventure, to explore, to move, shift, transform, to do something that matters, to finally find your crowd, to feel... alive. If you want to be in control of your life, THIS is the starting point!

  • Feeling like every day is the same?

  • Feeling like you have to pretend on a day-to-day basis?

  • Waiting for your life to start?

  • Knowing you have the power to change but not knowing where to start.

This experience is the closest thing to growing wings and flying out of the cage!

Course curriculum

    1. 1.1 Welcome

    2. 1.2 Why All Successful People Believe in Creating Their Own Destiny

    3. 1.3 Why Most People Fail to Live a Life on Their Own Terms

    4. 1.4 Is It Too Late to Change My Life?

    5. 1.5 What If I Do Not Have the Funds to Change My Life?

    6. 1.6 What If I Do Not Have Enough Time?

    7. 1.7 What to Expect from This Course

    8. 1.8 How to Get the Most Out of This Course

    9. Reinvent Mastery - Guidebook PDF

    10. Reinvent Mastery Private Group

    1. 2.1. How the world REALLY works

    2. 2.2 The “Pruning Method”

    3. 2.2.1 What do you want to get rid of

    4. 2.2.2 What do you want to keep about yourself

    5. 2.2.3 Create your identity puzzle

    6. 2.3 Hacking Self-Esteem

    7. 2.3.1 BONUS: Self-esteem as an Introvert

    8. 2.4 The seed and the soil

    9. 2.4.1 Location changes value

    10. 2.5 Understanding “Your Worth”

    1. 3.0 - Introduction

    2. 3.1 The Past - What made you who you are

    3. 3.2 The Present - The brutal truth about where you are

    4. 3.2.1 How to prioritize which areas of your life needs to be reinvented

    5. 3.3 The Future - 2 Parallel Realities

    6. 3.4 Change is your superpower - Commit

    1. 4. RENEW

    2. 4.1 Redesign your reality

    3. 4.2 Emulate your future self

    4. 4.3 Narrow down with Chunking

    5. 4.4 Embrace discomfort & Jump

    6. 4.5 Work with a 'Shit hit the fan' plan

    1. 5.0 What to expect once change begins

    2. 5.1 The Algorithm for changing your identity

    3. 5.1.1 Look like your future self

    4. 5.1.2 Communicate like your future self

    5. 5.1.3 Spend your days like your future self

    6. 5.2 Re-Engineer your Professional life: How to change your job

    7. 5.2.1 How to get promoted to a better position

    8. 5.2.2 How to start on your own

    9. 5.2.3 How to retire early

    10. 5.3 Re-engineer your Relationships: Introduction

    11. 5.3.1 Level 1: Fix your broken relationships

    12. 5.3.2 Level 2: Strengthen the bond with your inner tribe

    13. 5.3.3 Level 3: Make new friends at any age

    14. 5.3.4 BONUS: Socializing as an Introvert

    15. 5.4 Re-engineer your Environment: move to a new country

    16. 5.4.1 BONUS: Finding a job in another country.

    17. 5.5.Re-engineer meaning: add purpose to your life

    18. 5.6 Re-engineer your Love Life: How to find a partner

    19. 5.6.1 Build a long-term relationship

    1. 6.0 Introduction

    2. 6.1 1% better

    3. 6.2 The ‘Batman Effect’

    4. 6.3 The hard 75 Challenge

    5. 6.4 Morning design

    6. 6.5 Evening Design

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 57 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Bonus material

Get instant feedback and help planning your next moves. The value of these bonuses alone are worth more than the cost of the course!

  • 3 x Live Sessions with Elite Reinvention Coaches

    $1500 value

    Not one.. not two.. but THREE deep-dive LIVE sessions where an expert in Career Optimization, A Personal Branding expert and the CEO of Alux will help you navigate the next chapter in your life.

  • Private Mastermind Group

    $1000 value

    Through the entire course, you will have access to a private group where the team will personally answer your questions and you will have the opportunity to follow the journey of other students who are implementing the frameworks live.

  • Special Member Discounts

    25%+ OFF all future Courses

    As we continue to develop more and more eLearning products at Alux, not only will you get priority access to them, but also a considerable discount.

We'll see you inside!

All rewards in life are reserved for those who don't let the moment pass them by..

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

...and then everything fell into place!

You'll look back on this choice as one of the pivotal moments of your life.


  • What is included in this course?

    55 Video Lessons, a PDF guidebook, access to a private mastermind group where our team will support you in your journey, and access to a members-only webinar with 3 coaching experts.

  • Will this course work for me?

    This course teaches the strategy behind any meaningful change in your life, regardless of your starting point. It's perfect for people looking to improve their careers, start a business, move to another country, change their daily behaviors, and much more.

  • How long does the course last?

    We estimate that it will take you around 21 days to complete this course. Each chapter contains mental exercises that require enough time and focus. You always have the option of binge-watching it, but make sure you complete the exercises most impactful for the change you are working on.

  • Can I access the course once I finish it?

    Of course! When you purchase any of our courses you get lifetime access to the material and all future updates.

  • Why is this course so expensive?

    Our courses are not entertainment. If you complete the course and apply the steps to your life, you will notice clear improvements in many aspects of your life, including your financial situation. In this regard, the course pays for itself rather quickly.

  • What if I buy the course and don't find it valuable?

    We'll give you your money back under our 180-day guarantee. If you apply the tactics we describe in the course and you do not see a positive change in your life, we will return every single dollar you paid us.

  • When will the course re-open?

    We are closing the doors for the next 6 months so we can focus on the development of the first batch of students.


If your life doesn't measurably change in the next 6 months as a result of taking this course, or if you feel for any reason that the course hasn't at least paid for itself we will give you all your money back, no questions asked!