Guided Meditation for Entrepreneurs & High Achievers

3 Modules created with the Aluxer in mind for a complete experience!

  • Beginner

    Designed for someone who's interested in acquiring this valuable skill but has no previous experience.

  • Advanced

    Crafted for someone who's looking to leverage the benefits of meditation into a daily practice.

  • Master

    Created for the Aluxer who's looking for a personal breakthrough transformation.

You're getting all 3 modules in a single course!

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We will guide you through the entire experience in order to maximize the impact it has on your life. In order to do that, we're opening the doors for 1 week only. If you want to go through this transformation with us, then this is it!

  • Start and maintain a productive daily meditation practice

  • Take control of your emotions, deal with stress and anxiety and get clarity in your life

  • Have at least one breakthrough moment that changes your life forever

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Mind Mastery

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80% of Successful people use meditation to get ahead in life

Make better decisions, come up with creative solutions to the problems you're dealing with in your life and follow a clear path of incremental change!

Who is this for

We've designed this entire experience with the Aluxer in mind. The entire course was built from scratch for people like us, those who want to learn valuable skills. No previous experience required. We will teach you the basics in the first module, then in the second one you'll get the techniques that will allow you to take full advantage of the Master module where the transformation will happen. You're going to love it!





Course curriculum

You're getting a full 21 day transformation!

  • 1

    Module 1: Beginner

    • Module 1 - Introduction
    • Module 1 - Understanding the WHY
    • Module 1 - The Power of Meditation
    • Module 1 - What is Meditation
    • Module 1 - Your Goal
    • Module 1 - What to Expect
    • Module 1 - Good to know
    • How to use this Course
    • Join the Mastermind Group
    • Mind Mastery by - Guidebook
    • Module 1 - Before your first session
    • 0 - The Beginning
  • 2

    Module 2: Advanced

    • Module 2 - Introduction
    • Concept - The noise in your head
    • Day 1 - The noise in your head
    • Concept - The sky above the clouds
    • Day 2 - The sky above the clouds
    • Concept - The Lotus
    • Day 3 - The Lotus
    • Concept - Befriending the beast
    • Day 4 - Befriending the beast
    • Concept - The Lake in your mind
    • Day 5 - The lake in your mind
    • Concept - Letting go of balloons
    • Day 6 - Letting go of balloons
    • BONUS: Meditate with a Pro
  • 3

    Module 3: Master

    • Module 3 - Introduction
    • How to get the most value out of the Master Module
    • Day 7 - A CHOICE
    • Day 8 - IDEAS
    • Day 9 - WEALTH
    • Day 10 - LOVE
    • Day 11 - FAMILY
    • Day 12 - HEALTH
    • Day 13 - WORK
    • Day 14 - LIFE
    • Day 15 - HAPPINESS
    • Day 16 - MONEY
    • Day 17 - MAKE IT HAPPEN DAYS
    • Day 18 - SAD DAYS
    • Day 19 - I WANNA QUIT DAYS
    • Day 20 - BULLSHIT DAYS
    • Day 21 - A NEW PERSON
    • Module 3 - BONUS

One time payment

Bonus material

To be honest, the bonuses alone are worth the money! These are included in the price!

  • Private Mastermind

    $1000 value

    Through the entire journey you will have access to a private group where the team will personally answer your questions and guide you through the experience!

  • Special Member Discounts

    25% OFF all future Courses

    As we continue to develop more and more eLearning products at Alux, not only will you get priority access to them, but also a considerable discount.

  • Member's Only Live Webinar with CEO

    $1000 value

    This is one of the reasons why we're closing the doors after 1 week. At the end of the experience you will be part of a 1h discussion about Business, Life & Meditation with Emil Anton, the CEO of

You don't want to miss this experience! Invest in yourself today!

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Hundreds of people went through the Mind Mastery journey. Here's a snippet of their experience:


  • What is included in the course?

    You are getting 22 audio-guided meditation sessions, 6 audio-video concepts, the Mind Mastery Guidebook, 2 Exclusive Bonus Videos we shot during our research in Bali, Indonesia.

  • How long does the course last?

    We've designed the course to last 21 days in total, because this is the minimum required amount to install a new habit.

  • How long does each session last?

    The average session is 10 to 15 minutes long. We know how scarce time is, so we stripped away all the nonsense in order to give you the highest return on your investment.

  • Can I access the course once the 21st day ends?

    Of course! When you're purchasing the Mind Mastery experience you're getting life-time access to its content, including future updates.

  • What do I need to make the most out of this course?

    The main requirement is the commitment to finalize this challenge and the 10 to 15 minutes per day it takes to go through each session. Ohh.. and a pair of good headphones helps!

  • Why is this course so expensive?

    To put it bluntly: It isn't! We spend thousands of hours and a lot of money to make this course a reality. We've been advised to charge at least $1000 for the course. Because this is our first premium product, we decided to massively under price it in order to make it available to as many people as possible. If you still think it is expensive, we have a youtube channel filled with incredibly valuable content that you can access for free.

  • What if I buy it and don't find it valuable?

    We believe in this product so much, that we're offering a full 60 Day guarantee! If you go through the entire course and still believe you didn't get your money's worth, we will give you a complete refund.

If you go through the course and still believe you didn't get your money's worth, we're offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!

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