The difference between winning and failure lies in the tools you use and the preparation!

You've never went after your goals like this before!

  • Advanced Breakdowns

    You've never analyzed your life like this before. It will help you identify the specific parts in your life that with the smallest improvement will lead to the biggest results.

  • Effective & Strategic Planning

    On top of high-end insights, we structured your improvement process in a series of personal challenges that build up towards your personal goals. These are easy fun and effective!

  • Research That Works

    We took the most effective strategies from Athletes, Billionaires, Companies and even the Military, so you can leverage their years of experience for your personal growth.

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  • Identify why your life is not improving fast enough and what to do about it.

  • Specific challenges that improve certain aspects of your life: Finance, Intellect, Health, Relationships & Emotions

  • How Companies and Billionaires set and achieve goals for long term growth

  • How Athletes and the Military use a similar system for game-day success

  • How to identify the few decisions that have the biggest long term return and simple ways to follow-through

  • Actionable strategies to deploy in your personal and professional life

Less than 1% of People Hit their Life Goals

92% of people fail to meet their new year's resolutions.

We spent the last decade breaking down what the 1% do differently and put it all into this course right here. We removed everything that sounds good but doesn't work so you can get the most effective tools and insights.

Tailor made with the Aluxer in mind.

Our goal is to serve our community with the tools and insights that provide real growth. Perfect for entrepreneurs who want to push their business to the next level, for managers and employees who wish to climb the corporate ladder, as well as anyone who's looking for growth. This course does exactly that!

  • Entrepreneurs & Investors

  • Managers & Employees

  • Creators & Influencers

  • High Achievers

Course curriculum

    1. 1.1 Welcome

    2. 1.2 Why all successful people set goals

    3. 1.3 Why Most People Fail to Achieve their Goals

    4. 1.4 What to expect from this course

    5. 1.5 How to get the most out of this course

    6. Goal Mastery Guidebook - PDF

    7. Goal Mastery Private Facebook Group

    1. 2.1 What is the ALUX Method

    2. 2.2 A - ANALYSE

    3. 2.3 L - LEARN

    4. 2.4 U - USE or UTILISE

    5. 2.5 X - MULTIPLY

    6. 2.6 Conclusion

    1. 3.1 - The brutal truth

    2. 3.2.1 - Advanced Self-analysis Quiz

    3. 3.2.2 Advanced Self-Analysis

    4. 3.3 - Interpreting the data

    5. 3.4 - Creating priorities

    1. 4.0 Year Planning that Works - 5 Pillars of a Successful Life

    2. 4.1.1 Emotional Pillar

    3. 4.1.2 How to plan for Emotional Goals

    4. 4.2.1 Intellectual Pillar

    5. 4.2.2 How to plan for Intellectual Goals

    6. 4.3.1 Physical Pillar

    7. 4.3.2 How to plan for Physical Goals

    8. 4.4.1 Relationships Pillar

    9. 4.4.2 How to plan for Relationship Goals

    10. 4.5.1 Financial Pillar

    11. 4.5.2 How to plan for Financial Goals

    12. 4.6 Domino Method & Milestone thinking

    1. 5.0 Introduction

    2. 5.1 How Elite Athletes do it

    3. 5.2 How Billionaires do it

    4. 5.3 How Companies do it

    5. 5.4 How the Military does it

    6. 5.5 Lazy Method - Tricking yourself into success

    7. 5.6 Pipeline method

    1. 6.0 Introduction

    2. 6.1 Morning Routine

    3. 6.2 Evening Routine

    4. 6.3 The 5 Minute Rule

    5. 6.4 Identify Blind-Spots & Remove Distractions

    6. 6.5 Tarzan Method

    7. 6.6 The Dip Before the Rise

    8. Bonus eBook: Morning Routines of Successful People

    9. Goal Mastery - Webinar w/ Emil Anton (Recording)

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 46 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

One time payment

Bonus material

A single idea from one of these bonuses could make such a difference in your life that it justifies the price of the course alone.

  • Private Mastermind Group

    $1000 value

    Through the entire course you will have access to a private group where the team will personally answer your questions and you will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded Aluxers!

  • Special Member Discounts

    25% OFF all future Courses

    As we continue to develop more and more eLearning products at Alux, not only will you get priority access to them, but also a considerable discount.

  • Member's Only Live Webinar with CEO

    $1000 value

    This is one of the reasons why we're closing the doors after 1 week. At the end of the experience you will be part of a 1h discussion about Goal Setting, Money, Wealth, Happiness and your path forward in life with Emil Anton, the CEO of

They all set goals differently than you do!

It's time to learn to improve your life like the professionals!


  • What is included in this course?

    The course includes 41video lessons, 1 pdf guidebook to use alongside the course and 1 ebook with the routines of some of the most successful people.

  • How long does the course last

    We designed the course to last 6 weeks (each chapter should be given enough time and focus). You always have the option of binge watching it all, but it will lead to a lower performance.

  • Can I access the course once I finish it?

    Of course! When you purchase any of our course you can life-time access to the material and all future updates.

  • Does the course apply to my situation?

    This course was designed with the Aluxer in mind. It doesn't depend on your financial situation, your geography or your race and gender. It relies on valuable fundamentals that apply to everyone, on top of which we apply the specific growth strategies we've identified.

  • Why is this course so expensive?

    Our courses are not entertainment. If you complete the course and put the knowledge you find in it to work, you will notice clear improvements in many aspects of your life, including your financials. In this regard, the course pays for itself rather quickly.

  • What if I buy it but don't find it valuable?

    If you go through the entire course and for any reason you believe you didn't get your money's worth. we will provide a full refund under our 60 day guarantee.

  • When will the course re-open?

    We are closing the doors for the next 6 months so we can focus on the development of the first batch of students.

If you go through the course and still believe you didn't get your money's worth, we're offering a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked!

Wishful thinking doesn't get you where you want to go! Time to take action.

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